Cosmology and Mythology in Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon/ Serena
Birthday: June 30
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Japanese name: Tsukino Usagi
(her first name is Usagi, but in formal Japanese, the last name is writtenfirst)

Tsuki means moon,and Usagi means rabbit. The -no at the end of the last name showspossession. Thus, Sailor Moon's name literally translates to be"rabbit of the moon". According to Japanese legend, there are rabbits wholive on the moon, always pounding sweetcakes(or mochi) with mallets.To the Japanese, it is believed that the face of the moon resembles a rabbit.

Usagi's counterpart in Greek mytholgy isSelene, the goddess of the moon and sister to Helios- the god of the sun.In ancient Japanese, getsu was the term that referred to the moon.Monday is the moon's day, named getsuyobi in Japanese, lunesin Spanish and lundi in French, which relates beck to the latinterm for the moon, lune.

Cancers are amiable and caring about friends.They are also subject to a wide amount of mood swings, constantly guided by their subconscious.

Sailor Mercury / Amy
Birthday: September 10
Zodiac Sign: Virgo(ruled by Mercury)
Japanese name: Mizuno Ami

Here, mizu means water. Sailor Mercury attacks using water's elements.a-mi means "sub beauty" or "net".The -no shows possession, so Mercury's name translates to be "beauty of the water".

In the old Japanese languages, sui meant water, and Mercury, suisei,was the water planet. Wednesday, suiyobi, is Mercury's day. This relates backto the Spanish and Franch names for Wednesday, meircoles and mercredi respectively,which both sounds like "mercury". In Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of travellers and commerce.

Virgos are characteristically calm and comforting in stressful situations. They areanalytical, intellectual and very serious about life. Throughout history, Mercury has stood for exchange, and information.

Sailor Mars / Raye
Birthday: April 18
Zodiac Sign: Aries(ruled by Mars)
Japanese name: Hino Rei

Hi is the character for fire, which Sailor Mars' powers are based upon.Rei means "soul" or "spirit", but is written in katakana (which is commonly used for foreign words) toshow Rei's exotic nature. Once again the -no shows possession, and Rei'sname means "soul of fire". Since ancient times, the planet Mars has been associated with fire because of its bright red color.

Ka was the term for fire in ancient Japanese, and Mars was the fireplanet, kasei. Mars' day is Tuesday, kayobi, which is connected tothe Spanish and French words for Tuesday, martes and mardi respectively,which both come from the word "mars".

People of the Ares sign are caring deep down,but unfortunately, also stubborn, rude, and bluntly honest.

Sailor Jupiter / Lita
Birthday: December 5
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter)
Japanese name: Kino Makoto

Ki means wood. Makoto stands for loyalty, honesty and wisdom.As the -no shows possession, Jupiter's names means "the strength of wood".Jupiter's attacks are based on lightning or wood. Her attacks in the mangainclude "Flower Hurricane", and "Jupiter Coconut Cyclone". In the SuperS season, her attack is named "Oak Evolution".Her lightning attacks come from the Roman God Jove's power over lightning.

The term for wood in ancient Japanese was moku, and the name for Jupiter wasmokusei. Jupiter's day, Thursday, relates to the name that it was given in ancient Japanese,mokuyobi. The Spanish name for Thursday(jeuves), and the French(jeudi) are derivedfrom Jove, another name for the god Jupiter in Roman mythology.

Archers of Sagittarius are closely associated with nature and animals-Sagittarius is half-beast itself.They are quick to become devoted to romance, yet also quick to put up a fight.

Sailor Venus / Mina
Birthday: September 22
Zodiac Sign: Libra(ruled by Venus)
Japanese name: Aino Minako

In Venus' name, ai means love. Venus' later powers "Venus Love Me Chain", and"Venus Love and Beauty Shock" contain the word love. -No shows possession, mina refers to a field(written with the character mifor beauty) and ko means child. Put all together, Venus' name could mean "a beautiful childin a field of love".

Venus was the Italian goddess of The Spring, love, and beauty.In ancient Japanese, the planet Venus was kinsei. However, kin referred notto love but to the metal gold, so Sailor Venus does not quite fit in the exact same patternas the others. However, some of Venus' attacks relate to metal as well. It is said thatVenus' sailor outfit was originally supposed to be gold, but was later simplified to thecolor orange... Venus' day was Friday. The Japanese name for Friday, kinyobi, relates back to the word formetal and the planet Venus. The Spanish and French, viernes and vendredi, are derived from the name "Venus".

Representing the scales of Libra, Minako finds in herself two sides of an eccentricpersonality. Even though Minako is fun-loving, hyper and a bit scatter-brained,she never fails to lead the other senshi in a crisis.

Tuxedo Mask / Darien
Birthday: August 3
Zodiac sign: Leo(ruled by the sun)
Japanese name:Tuxedo Kamen / Chiba Mamoru

Tuxedo Kamen is a literal translation of "Tuxedo Mask", so there's notrouble there. Chi is the first part of the word for Earth,chikyu.With ba meaning "place", and mamoru. his Japanese name, meaning "to protect", Darien is the protector from Earth! Mamoru's counterpart in the Moon Kingdom, Prince Endymion, is related to Endymion- the young kingof Elis in Greek mythology, who was beloved by Selene and then moon-charmed into perpetual sleepso that she might perpetually kiss him.Leos are expert keeping the situation under control, and are known for their courage and nobility.

Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meioh
Birthday: October 29
Zodiac sign: Scorpio(ruled by Pluto)

Sailor Pluto's last name, Meioh, is the first chracter in Japanese for the planet Pluto, which can also be read as "Hades", Pluto's Greek counterpart. Hades was the grim lord of the Underworld and he carried a staff which he used to beckon the dying tohis world. In the same vein, her astrological sign, Scorpio, embodies the aspects of death and transformation.In this case, a discrepancy arises because Sailor Pluto is the soldier of time, not death. Her powerswould have been more appropriate if they were associated with the planet Saturn instead.

Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaioh
Birthday: March 6
Zodiac Sign: Pisces(ruled by Neptune)

Michiru usually means "to become full" or to be completed.
The characters kai and oh stand for "sea king", an obvious reference to the Roman god Neptune or the greek god Poseidon, who is symbolized with water. As opposed to Mercury, who seems to have water-based powers, Neptune has, more specifically, power over the oceans. Neptune and Pisces stand for creativity, and acute emotional sensitivity towards spirituality and the arts. Pisceans rely heavily on their super-ego and thus are able to elevate themselves to understand love and laughter on a higher plane than the others.They are intense dreamers, and often find themselves leaving reality to go into their own little world.

Sailor Uranus / Haruka Tenoh
Birthday: January 27
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius(Uranus-ruled)

Haruka means to be "far" or "distant".
Ten and o are the same characters that are used to write the name of the planet Uranus, ten-o-sei.Together, the two mean "the king of heaven". In Greek mytholgy, Uranus was the original god of the heavens who was the son and husbandof Gaea, the goddess of Earth.... Her masculine traits in the series is explained because of the planet Uranus' aspects ofspontaneity, inventiveness, originality, and above all intuition. Aquarians as well are identified by rebelliousness and independence.

Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe
Birthday: January 6
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn(ruled by Saturn)

Hotaru, simply means "firefly".
The first chracter to means "soil" or "the ground", and moe means to "bud" or "spring up".In all, her name means, "a firefly sprouting up from the soil". Saturn's Greek counterpart, Cronus, was the ancient Titan who ruled over time.Sailor Saturn, who only attacks are death-based, should have had her powers switched withPluto's to have them fit in with the others. Capricorns are ideally secretive and shy, though they have been known to illustrate great courage when provoked.It fits well with Hotaru's person because while she is physically the weakest of the ten senshi, her Sailor-power is the most destructive.

Cats: Luna, Artemis, and baby Diana
The cats are called the same in Japanese and English. Luna is the Latin word for theMoon. Artemis was the goddess of the moon and hunting in ancient Greek mythology.Diana, Luna and Artemis' kitten, Diana, is the Latin name for the goddess Artemis.

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