Goal: Press "Begin" and quickly memorize who you have to blast. Blast the designated enemies by clicking on them before running out of time. The status-bar at the bottom ofthe screen can remind you who you have to blast.

The list of enemies is random, as well as your time limit. In hard mode, the enemies are mixed up.

It's all really simple,still, it is best using the latest version of your browser. Works for both Netscape and IE. May be unfriendly with some versions of AOL.
Now, please choose your path:

Play Blast'Em - North American Version
With all the major enemies from the first two seasons of SM, and some "Daily" Monsters thrown in too.
Hard Mode.

Play Blast'Em - Japanese Version
This slightly harder version has all the major enemies from SM, SM R and SM S, and all with Japanese names.
Hard Mode.

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