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How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus

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PostPosted: Sat 3rd Mar 8:50 am    Post subject: How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus Reply with quote

Ok guys. I know you guys have been waiting patiently on the releases of the expansion packs and personally I've been in the process of packing and moving to my new house. So I thought I might release this tutorial a little early so you guys can see the process of ripping a pak file to extract its contents, be able to make slight adjustments or just see how I coded a lot of the stuff in and then re-pack it for a release.

This should be all that's in your "rip pack" folder, the game BOR.Pak, the extract.bat file used to rip the contents of the game, and paxplode, the actual application. Double click on the .bat file only to start the extraction process.

For those of you curious to see the actual code of the extract batch file, there it is. If you have a renamed .pak file, simply rename BOR.pak file to rename that. You can use this multiple times as long as you keep track of what the .pak file is named.

Some screens of the dump process...

Now this next part is very important. Because we don't want to overwrite your original BOR.pak file, we need to make a folder called SMP (or if you're ripping other BOR titles, make a folder named after that game so you know what it is) and put the BOR.pak in that folder.

Now put the dummy bor file in its place, this is important when you're testing bor files while you're making them.

Now drop in your "flavor" of OpenBOR and drag the dummy bor file into the paks folder but leave the DATA folder outside. Congrats you're now at the stage to drop in the expansions whenever I get around to it ^^ You can play around with several things at this point. See all the sprite sets, look at the cutscenes and of course look at all the pages of code. Pretty cool huh.

Now if you want to make a new file to distribute for a release, you need to drop in the makepack batch file and the packer exe.

The Packer and paxplode work on the same principal except they do the opposite of one another.

I slightly modified the code so your BOR files don't go out in no man's land but they should end up right in that same folder when it's finished packing itself up.

Some shots of the packing process...

Tada! You've just made your first pak file to play! Remember when you distribute "games" just make sure to include both openbor and the pak file or just the bor.pak file. That's all you need.
You can download my "rip pack" here.
The dummy bor pak file should be in the zip file named paxplode, and the packer stuff should be in the packer zip file. I packaged them together as one kit. As always, support Anton-P and visit where the history of Sailor Gaming comes alive and ^^ always support Chibi-Mars here! She's the greatest admin isn't she not? Laughing

"Your fighting style might be impressive somewhere else but your weak link is...this is Earth!"
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PostPosted: Sat 3rd Mar 7:13 pm    Post subject: Re: How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus Reply with quote

OMG Yay!!!! One problem though when I downloaded the file it came with 2 folders and the files weren't in the folders you said and, when I run the extract.bat it says press any key and then it just disappears. Please tell me how to resolve it. I can't wait to start toying with it. Very Happy
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Joined: 12 May 2005
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PostPosted: Sat 3rd Mar 10:00 pm    Post subject: Re: How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus Reply with quote

Oh yeah, when it says Press any key to continue that means that the rip/pack process is done. and you can just click out of that command prompt screen.

The package should be:


**dummy bor.pak file (hence the 0kb size)


Hope that helps you.

"Your fighting style might be impressive somewhere else but your weak link is...this is Earth!"
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PostPosted: Wed 7th Mar 4:46 pm    Post subject: Re: How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus Reply with quote

I suggest all people to try these programs since are very funny and easy (especially said by me, I’m not actually a computer master at all Smile )

I didn’t have any problem to extract contents from the *.pak; reading the first time it seems frightfully difficult but Kungpow’s explained everything carefully; so just try, believe me!
To tell the truth I didn’t follow when he talked about the dummy bor.pak file, cos I’ve the original files saved in a zip, oh I don’t want to complicate things with the dummy file. Are I wrong?

Actually I’ve toyed with 4 different version of Kungpow’s game, not only the latest one, hope you didn’t deleted the previous version because they’ve got their peculiarities; in chronological order :
1) SM Hard(/snes) Ediction
2) SM Plus Genesis mix
3) SM Plus PSP compatible
4) SM Plus recent version

>The extraction
It’s a big curiosity looking around in the folders, finding things I wouldn’t have never imagined.

Who of you have played this first version and remember this img of Game over?

I do, It’s from a manga artbook; but it should communicate close love, not Usagi death Wink

Let’s talk about “bgs” dir, the one with the graphic of the stages.
I’m very satisfied having found an Easter egg (COOOL!!!!) in the second game, SM Genesis mix. I’m mean the announced but never seen cave stage, supposed (?) to be placed after the North Pole stage with Kunzite as final boss ^_^; it seems Kungpow’s decided at last not using in SM Plus; is he gong to have in another ext game? We’ll see. Smile
Anyway everyone can seen in his directory, but he can play it too, as I’m going to explain after.
I’ve also notice SuperBeryl stage in this game, even if I’ve never face her in this version, cos the locked bonus game mode didn’t worked, as I remember.

It was curious for me seeing that the people (Moran,Naru,Umino,..) in the “fair” stage at Luna Park weren’t part of the background (I mean pasted on it), like the benches and trash bins in the park at night stage, but obstacles, so in theory they can be place everywhere; I didn’t expected!

Another mysterious image is in the the “chapel” folder, one of my most favourite stage.
Why, Kungpow, is there this one, as I know you don’t use it in game? What is it?

The chars folder is very nice to have a look; but most important you’ve simplified the life of many people who want’s to draw on these sprite, who were made to rip by themselves (and that’s very annoying…as you perfectly know ^_~) Internet is plenty of site with pics and animated gift of the chars of Snes fighting games (there’re in in Wap, I’ve download the gif of S.Neptune playing her violin and I use it as screensaver on my cell); but I’ve never never found one with the sprites of the two beat’em ups (and genesis game) -___-;; I really hope that things ‘ll change thanks to you. I always think that what you have done isn’t important only as game itself, but also for the possibility who opens: other openbor games made by someone else; available beat’em up graphics; I hope also a MUGEN game with just not only the ten boring senshi who fight each other, just god knows the reason, but a game with sailormoon villains too, since their graphics comes free from these beat’em up game.
So all what I said just for suggesting you’d be proud of this expansion pack release, it’s as important as if you’ve release a new game. ^_____^

I suggest people having a look at “misc” directory in “char” to see how the obstacle has changed in the different historical version of SMP : the drum, the fence, ….

Stop keeping an eye on these amusing stuff, now I’m going to express my opinion on the “data” folder and programming with openbor.
Well I’m glad to say it’s a nice surprise; I didn’t expect! Everything is in a logical order and easy to understand! Of course, “easy to understand” doesn’t imply “easy to do”, but it’s a good starting point. I usually scared about coding with the computer since I’m not very used; but here all is quite intuitive. There’re GIF for the images; WAW for sounds; the FONT, the code in simple TXT files and, imho, written clearly and not a in program language difficult to learn like Pascal or C++ I’ve studied at school Smile
The only unusual thing found is probably the music, because they aren’t just MIDI but ?_? strange *.bor files, impossible for me to open with a simple media player. So this is just one of the few issue Kungpow has to talk a bit about.
The other one is the Palette; of course I have to respect it when I insert new pictures, as I’ve notice; but where are these colours? I didn’t found a img showing them any where, for example in “fonts” folder. Can it be obtain in some ways? If it cannot, could you insert it in next releases of games?
Another topics interesting for me is: static/animated gifs. I’ve notice you generally use static one, even though they’re supposed to be a frame of an animation. Looking in the txt (for example of a char) the process of animating it it’s clear. But I’ve also notice in the cutscenes you use often animated gifs instead, so in theory they can run in open bor engine.
So I ask myself if they can be used for a char or a background ? I know that frames by frame can save memory; but is this the only reason or should it cause other mistakes? I’ve notice in the first two release, hard edition and genesis mix, in “bgs/negav” folder the blue fire of the background was actually an animated gift.

But I also remember in the two editions that stage have some problems with the disappearing background, you’ve fixed in the next version. Was the using of an animated gift the origin of this bug?

I don’t now other users but I didn’t work properly in my pc. But luckily you have write a very complete guide, so I managed to fix the problem by myself (!!!!)
My problems was the “makepack” put the bor.pack file in no-man land as you said. At the beginning I was very confused but finally I decided to open the file with notebook and I notice there wasn’t written the same in your img.
packer.exe ..\..\bor.pak data
I’ve replaced with:
packer.exe bor.pak data

And everything goes. (but is “pause” needed?)

I admit I enjoyed a lot making the first silly experiments Very Happy
But, of course, it let making more serious things. Just imagine it

Stage changing

Ok this is really stupid, but without the right palette someone can’t go any further.
For example what colour is the word Proteus? Black? But I can reassure I’ve used a light green when I wrote my nick, but of course not present in Kungpow’s palette. “Hello” instead is really white because I’ve used the same colour from the background. Smile

Obstacle changing

a stupid experiment with a mini-superberyl Laughing

Playable char changing

in SmPlus a good Endymion (I mean not under Beryl’s mental control) doesn’t make a lot of sense. But let me imagine a new game that take place in ancient Silver Millenium, he ‘d be a nice swordsman char so characteristic of fantasy beat’em up.
Or thinking Kungpow’s game maybe there’ll be power-up like Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon (with holy grail in S game), or in Princess Serenity, using the weapon stuff of openbor engine; Tuxedo Kamen (avviable in S game) could tansform in Endymion; cool

Enemy char changing

AHAHAHAHA that's really silly, but I didn't resist. Like in the anime episode Usagi is on the train.
The shade's completely wrong cos I haven't fixed it with sensible coordinates.

Now the most important thing: a screenshot of the amazing secret stage: the cave!

I admit I love such surprises! Even more that the game itself…. ghighighi :lol

There’s was only Nephrite in it, so to have more fun I’ve called a meeting with all weird people of Dark Kindom. LOL

It seems I’ve mistake something and Zoisite comes out in standard sailor moon uniform and not with evil palette

It was very satisfying; and easy to do!
Instead it was a disappointment the very first thing I’ve tried immediately when I understood how pack the data folder:
try to transfer the playable chars of Hard Edition with sprites from Snes S fighting games, to the latest version of SM Plus which have instead the sprites of the original beat’em up.
I hoped a lot the palette hasn’t changed but I was wrong Sad , this’s the result:

Cool colours Smile but not the right ones! What a pity! But I don’t surrender, just wait Kungpow releasing the palette of SMP and make the necessary changes in colours.

The HE chars were pretty cool, it’d be sin get them lost in time….
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PostPosted: Tue 20th Mar 1:01 pm    Post subject: Re: How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus Reply with quote

Here is the tutorial on the Destinyrevival page:

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PostPosted: Wed 21st Mar 1:27 am    Post subject: Re: How to Rip Sailor Moon Plus Reply with quote

kung gave me the pallete once but im not sure where it is, its problably been updated anyway Wink
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