May/June, 1998
I added slideshow.html. It's really cool so go check it out. {grin}
I updated some links in dolls.html.
I updated the frames!
Now they're so much cuter, aren't they??;)

July, 1998
I uploaded my page to XOOM.COM, one of the advantages being that
the slideshow runs even faster now.
And I got a new counter!! And it's close to some semblance of being correct!
..I also received a new guestbook...
...Plus, a new activity! Find out you Sailor Stats at senshiquiz.html
...Plus, I updated my chatroom. Now improved with pictures!{grin}

New - August, 1998
...I added a toolbar-kinda thing on the main page, to clean up a little of the messy stuff that was lying around.
...I updated this page, making it a little bit nicer to look at, and added a feature so background music can be played, if you want.
...I added a few new downloadable Sailor Moon programs for your PC (Neither of which I take credit for^_-) To check them out, go look at where the "dolls" section is.
New - September/October, 1998
...Added Sailor Mercury frames and two more banners. Realized that the banner thing was imperfect and updated it. ...Added "senshiquiz.html" to the frames' scroll-down bar because it was missing. New - November, 1998
...Added a place where you can send greeting cards to your friends! Go to greetings.html
January, 1999-New
... Redid the index.html page
...Added Jupiter frames
and a Jupiter banner option. ...Got rid of my chat room and placed a Message Board instead.
....Added two more puzzles!! To puzzles.html

February, 1999
....New Feature:)!
Go visit Madame Rei's Midnight Cafe!{grin}

March, 1999
....I added a love-table to astro.html ....Also, find a link to my personal homepage at the front door...

April, 1999
I finished the card section at Madame Rei's.{grin}

May, 1999
...I uploaded my page to Don't forget that, okay?
...I updated the main page(finally!!)
...I made greetings.html so it could load faster
...Made this page as well as the Eyecandy page a bit spiffier.
...And added a poem to stories.html
...I think the puzzles were broke for a little while, but I fixed them just now.

June / July, 1999
...I added a quick-loading version of my page.
...Add thumbnails to the puzzle page.
...Modified the look of some of the lesser pages.
...Plus, two new features!
... Added a maze at mazes.html and then a shoot'em up game at Blast'Em.
...Reshifted the main page, and put some of the lesser links on the Eyecandy page.
...trashed the frames. Now instead, each page will have a navigation bar.
August, 1999
...I found that the links overhead the express-mode had no effect... whoops. Fixed them.
...I made the main page a bit smaller(or I attempted to anyways)
...Added a new feature, named "Guessit".
I think of the most original names, don't I?

September, 1999
...I gave Blast'Em a makeover. It now works with IE5 too.
October, 1999
...I changed the background color of the main page.
...I relegated the forum to the Eyecandy pages and got a chatroom instead. Yay!!
...I updated Madame Rei's Tarot section so that it works with IE5 and is a little bit more random.
November, 1999
...I trashed Guessit and I put a Shopping List in it's place. It's New and Improved. (Not to mention longer^_^)
...NEW FEATURE!!! Visit my online coloring books at The SM Interactive Coloring Pages.
...Added nine new puzzles.
January, 2000
...I added a new short story named Flowers for Rei. I did it and I want lots of hatemail for this, allright?
February, 2000
...added a "Help" section to the Coloring Pages.
...Download a screen-saver / wall-paper from the Eyecandy section.
March, 2000
...Trashed the slideshow, Yay!
...Added in its place a new feature, Gallery Central. Celebrate!!
April, 2000
...The Fanfic Contest has started!! See the rules on the Stories page.
...Replaced the chatroom with the Forum, again, because I like it better.
...Updated the links page.
May, 2000
... Replace the Gallery Central Archive with working links.
...Added a palm-reading page to Madame-Rei.
...Added 12 new puzzles.
...put up the first 2 fanfics form the Fanfic contest.
June, 2000
...New Sailor Moon dubbed S episodes airing on Cartoon Network's TOONAMI at 4:00! Don't miss them!

...I got a few new awards, demoted the shopping page to "minor link" and shortened that ugly toolbar.:)
...I made the "Congratulations" page more entertaining.
...It's My Craziest Contest Ever!! Please enter, you know you want to^_^...
...Yes, the fanfic contest is still going strong, but that deadline looms! Read the latest fic, the Sugar Scouts.:).
...Modified the code for "Blast'Em" and added harder modes.
...You ask, and I deliver! 18 new puzzles.
July, 2000
...New Sailor Moon dubbed S episodes airing on Cartoon Network's TOONAMI at 4:00 and Saturdays at 10! Don't miss them!

...For those of you who couldn't work the puzzles in the month of June, please try them again. I fixed that.
...Got rid of the "info" pages in the gallery. Nobody read those, right?
...Published the rest of the entries and the winners of the story contest.
August, 2000
...Updated the look of Eyecandy, dolls.html and nintendo.html. I'll try to make all the pages look like these soon.
...Added several new ROMs to the Super Nintendo page.
...I got a new message-board. Put the old one back. Fun!
...Added a good new one to short stories. I updated that page as well.
...Added two awards. Thanks Skye!
September, 2000
...Posted the entries for My Craziest Contest Ever, but no winner yet. You have to vote for them.
...Put up the first few ads around. Updated the look of the stories page.
...Got a new award. Thank you!
...Updated the puzzles page so it loads faster, and added a trading card gimmick.:)
Updates - October, 2000
...Added a short story, "The Great Battle of the Silver Millenium".
...Modified the look of: Express Mode, gallery, and It's a Maze.
...The gallery images are back up!
...The Ad Contest winners are up!!
Updates - December 2000
...Redid the look of Which Sailor Senshi are You?.
...NEW Feature!! Go to the Video Archive.
...Added another new thing, with the RPG Forum.
...Added 10 new Usagi puzzles.
Updates - January 2001
...Changed the domain name to't forget the hyphen)
...Added a chat-room.
Updates - February 2001
It's shameless self-promotion month!
...Check out my latest gig, the BANNER CONTEST!! Everyone, please enter!
...Get your free email,!
...Updated the awards page. Whee.
...Updated the short stories page and added several new short stories.
Updates - March 2001
...Updated the following pages:
Gallery Central : Twins - 2 pairs added.
Midnight Cafe : Chinese - New for 2001.
Updates - April 2001
...25 new puzzles added.
...Updated Which Sailor Senshi Are You? Better coding and new questions. Thank you Lady Deathscythe.
Updates - April 2001
...Posted banner contest winners and new banners.
Updates - June 2001
...Renamed the forum to "Ask Chibi-Mars" forum.
Just experimenting.:):):)
...Updated the Astrology page in the Midnight Cafe.
Updates - June/July 2001
...The RPG Forum is back!
...Moved Blast'Em to Eyecandy. ...NEW FEATURE!!! Visit HI-RES DEPOT inside of Gallery Central.
Tell me how you like it!
...Updated the dolls page with a hundred new dolls. Go get 'em!
...Updated the Stories page.
Updates - Jan 2002
...Updated the look of the puzzles page. Also updated Gallery Central/Twins and other minor updates. Updates - May 2002
...Updated Hi-Res Depot and added more pics.
...Updated short stories.
Updates - June 2002
...18 new Puzzles.
...Added difficulty settings to Puzzles.
...Puzzles are no longer located at, find them here.

Mystery Void-- I know I updated the site, but I forgot to record it for a while...

January 2003
...The Oekaki board is officially a part of my site. I have made it garish and obnoxious.
...And added yet another board.
...Also changed the look of the Forum. But I think I made the sign a bit too big....
...I have more remodeling to do, but I plan on using the entries from the Ad Contest after it's over :).
February 2003
...Updated RPG Forum.
April 2003
...Added 19 new Puzzles.
...Added a new Feature! Go to Manga-U Anime Reviews.
...Added a Mangaka Board to the Oekaki.
May, 2003
...Updated this page.
...Updated Forums and added a Chatroom.
...Got rid of Gallery Central; now it's just Hi-Res Depot. The doubles page can be found in Eyecandy.
...Added 5 new Coloring Pages.
July, 2003
...Added 18 new Coloring Pages.
...Update the Eyecandy Page. Only the look though.
March, 2004
...I've been very very busy this semester. I apologize for my not being around like I used to. I'd still like to thank everyone who's helped make this website possible :):). A server change is coming, so it's going to be a little rough.. Luckily though, I have good plans for the website and for everyone. I consider it a positive step :). April/May, 2004
...Good news, I've just gotten finished with school- so look for more updates to be appearing everywhere. Also, please make sure to download the Sai-ga 2004 Calendar, which was created and coordinated by visitor. Congrats, you guys :).
September/October, 2004
...Updated the Nintendo page. You'll find a few new things as well.
...The Video Archive is back! And some new videos have been added. If you cannot download, go here.
...I updated my online portfolio. I've done a lot of stuff. It takes a while to load, but does not have a loading bar yet. November, 2004
...The Oekaki Boards have a new addition, the Gift Board!
March, 2005
...The Oekaki Boards now have a Workshop Board. Instead of the Gift Board.
December, 2005
...The Video Archive is back!!

...And I have a new guestbook! January/February, 2006
...NEW FEATURE!! Take a peek at Sailor Moon Plus!

...Visit to see the latest developments inMoonTV and Sailor Moon Plus!

July, 2007
...Cheats added to the Nintendo page.
...Visit the Theme Board in the Oekaki section or see the theme winners.
May, 2007
...The Video Archive is back!
...In MoonTV, we are now watching the S season.
...Visit the new image-post board in the Oekaki boards.
August, 2007
...NEW FEATURE! Play with KiSS Dolls online.
...Our DeviantArt club, Sai-gaClub, is now up and running.