· R U L E S ·
  1. No flaming.Don't say anything rude to the other artists. If you have something potentially offensive to say or you want to say something really mean, either keep it to yourself, or send it via e-mail. Keep the bad vibes OFF the boards. Most of us do not care about your stupid quibbling.
  2. No spamming.Don't flood the board. If you've just drawn, wait until someone else draws before you draw again. Also keeo track of how many of your pictures are on the first page of the board.
  3. NO nudity. Any pics with graphic nudity will be deleted, regardless of whether it's artistic or not.
  4. Your work shows at least 15 minutes of EFFORT. Your work may be deleted even if the timer says it is over 15 minutes. Your work will probably be deleted if it is just a quick background or a floating head. Coloring jobs on the Color-In Board must also be nontrivial, and show 15 minutes of effort. Do not "Safety Save" your work unless it clearly shows a significant amount of effort. The moderators may delete "Not done" pics even before 24 hours have passed if the amount of work is trivial.
  5. Finish your work quickly, within 24 hours. Sometimes the flow of images is more relaxed, and "Not Done" pics will not be removed immediately. Other times, you will find those images removed promptly. Always finish your images within 24 hours to ensure they don't get deleted. Moderators may remove your pic sooner if it shows minimal effort or if it's an eyesore to look at.
  6. Delete your old pics when you post in a new slot.
    • Do NOT sign in using someone else's name. You will be permanently banned from paintchat if you do.
    • Do NOT draw on other people’s art, do NOT erase other people's art, and do NOT spam the board. Spam includes excessive amounts of text (foul language will get you banned) and scribbles (obscene images will get you banned) that take up a huge chunk of the board.
    • Do NOT clear the board without EVERYBODY in the room’s permission. This gets you banned.
    • There is to be no name-calling, arguing, or general flaming. We are trying to promote a healthy environment for artists here; please don't ruin it by being a jerk.
    • Report spammers and flamers and don't be shy.
    • Now that you have read the rules, please click here to activate the Paint button.
  8. Common Ettiquette: Skip the whining. Don't whine about your art, or not having a tablet. There are other things we don't want you to whine about either, but these are the two major ones. We give some slack to people who are drawing to vent their emotions, but when it comes to complaining about your own art or your lack of a tablet we percieve that as a cry for attention.
    Don't talk back to the mods or complain about the rules. Most of these rules are in place to keep the drawing environment comfortable. These phrases are annoying:
    • "This is crappy"(and other variants)
    • "I draw better on paper"
    • "I would do better if I had a tablet"
    • "lots of comments please!" (and other variants)
  9. Common Ettiquette: Learn English. DONT TYPE IN ALL CAPS o r w i t h b i g s p a c e s b e t w e e n y o u r w o r d s....its considered very rude. Don't type in netspeak or 1337. In other words, please do your best to type in correct English. If English isn't your first language or you're not a very good speller, we understand, but please try.
  10. Common Ettiquette: After you post, leave some comments. You should comment more than you post. If you don't do this, you probably won't get many comments.
All Set? Let's draw!