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The point of this game is to get the three Talismans (the Deep Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword, and the Garnet Orb) before your opponent does. You can initially play as Sailor Moon; Sailor Mars; Sailor Mercury; Sailor Venus; Sailor Jupiter; Sailor Chibimoon; Sailor Uranus; Sailor Neptune; Sailor Pluto; or Tuxedo Kamen.

Playing the Game

To win, you must get each Talisman to drop all the way your playing field to the end, where they drop off. You only get one Talisman at a time. To find them, you must clear the hearts off your playing field so that a Talisman drops down. To clear the hearts, you have to match up hearts of the same color. To clear them, simply press whatever keyboard button matches the "B" button (it varies from emulator to emulator and on the options you selected if you did [3rd choice down on the title screen]). Once cleared, other hearts from above it drop down. If it so happens that there are other matching colored hearts that fall down where your Luna-P is, those will automatically be cleared. The more automatic clears you get, the more hearts will pop up by rows at the bottom of your opponent's playing field. The light-blue hearts are hearts you must turn over. To turn them over, simply have your Luna-P jump on them (using the up, down, left, and right keys).

Tip: If a Talisman appears at the top of your field, make it drop down as quickly as possible. If your opponent gets many automatic clears and adds more hearts to the bottom of your playing field, the Talisman will be pushed back up off the playing field. The sucky thing is, it will NOT reappear if you clear more lines. You have to find it all over again.

There are many items that appear in each level. The levels get progressively more complicated with the new items. The old items still do appear afterwards; in other words, you just get more items as you go along.