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The point of this puzzle game is to remain in the game long enough so that the balloons on your opponent's side fall outside the playing field so that they lose and you win. You need to win two matches to win a game against any given senshi. You can only play as Eternal Sailor Moon; Sailor Mars; Sailor Mercury; Sailor Venus; Sailor Jupiter; Starhealer; Starmaker; or Starfighter.

There are three modes in the game: story mode; versus mode; and puzzle mode.

Playing the Game

Basically, you just pop the balloons so that they don't pile up and end up outside of your playing field. Balloons generally float up in single horizontal rows after fixed periods of time. Time is measured by the thin meter near the top of the middle area between the two playing fields, they look like arrows pointing upwards. Player 1's time meter is red, Player 2's meter is blue. The number of balloons you will be getting is the big number in the star nearest to the center. The balloons will continue to rise until the number is 00.

There are three types of balloons:

Each time you pop a series of three balloons or more, pellets are added to your power meter which is the bar in the center between the two fields. The power meter starts off with five pellets at the beginning of each round. You want to fill the power meter all the way to the top so that you can use your special attack.

Unfortunately, I don't really understand the SailorStars power pellet method since you do NOT get more pellets just by having larger series of balloons. In other words, popping a series of 8 balloons does not necessarily get you more power pellets than popping a series of 3. Somehow the number of balloons you pop per series can build up- generally, if I try to just keep popping series of 3 balloons in a row, I can build up my power meter pretty quickly.

Besides the fact that you can use your special attack when your power meter is completely filled, you can use your pellets to call ChibiChibi. When called, she will fly down and use her Heart Wand to disperse little hearts semi-randomly on your playing field- semi-randomly because there will always be one heart per column (for a total of six hearts), just that each heart can land anywhere in each column. If the heart hits a balloon- colored, gray, or deflated- the balloon will pop. If there is no balloon where the heart lands, you lose out. In exchange for this service, ChibiChibi takes away three of your power pellets.

Certain items fall down from popped balloons, both good and bad.

Senshi Attacks

You can use your specific senshi attack only when your power meter is full. You automatically use your attack when the meter is filled to the top.

In Story mode, you must defeat all 7 of your other opponents. If you chose an Inner Senshi, you have to fight the other four Inners and the three Starlights; if you chose a Starlight, you must defeat the other two Starlights and the five Inner Senshi. You can only lose two games against two senshi among those 7. If you lose three games, the game automatically ends. Once you survive against your 7 opponents, you move on to fight Chibimoon. If you lose against Chibimoon, your game automatically ends, regardless of how many times you lost against the previous 7 senshi. If you defeat Chibimoon (which isn't hard to do), you will fight yourself. If you lose against your mirror image, the game automatically ends, again regardless of whether or not you lost two times before. To actually WIN the game, you must defeat ALL 9 OPPONENTS. You CANNOT lose even once.

Different Endings: When your game ends, depending on your score, you get to have different Sailor Senshi report to you your record. I believe if you have a record of 0-3 (0 wins, 3 losses); 1-3; or 2-3, Luna will tell how much you suck (well, I don't think she REALLY says that). I think if you get 3-3 until 5-3 (I definately know that 3-3 works), Artemis will tell you how you did. If you have a record of 6-3, Super Sailor Uranus gives you that information; 7-2, Super Sailor Neptune will give you those numbers; for 8-1, Super Sailor Pluto reports back to you; and if you get the perfect record, 9 wins and 0 losses, the ever-so-rare Super Sailor Saturn greets you (Oooh.) Besides getting to see Saturn, you will also see the credits for winning. Yay. You also get a password that I have not gotten to work yet, no matter how hard I try.

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