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The point of the game is to survive, hope, and plan that balloons in your opponent's playing field fall outside the playing field so that they lose. There are two main modes in this game: story mode and versus mode. In the story mode, you can only play as one of the Super Inner Senshi. You go around fighting all the senshi (Sailor Moon, Chibimoon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) until you win. In the versus mode, you can play as any of the 9 senshi and pick who you want to fight against (whether it be a second player or the computer). Yes, Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Saturn DO appear in the game but you cannot play as or against either of them. However, Tuxedo Kamen plays an important role that is mentioned below. Saturn just appears in the Story Mode.

Playing the Game

You pop balloons so that they don't start to pile up and end up outside the playing field. Balloons float up in single horizontal rows when the little meter in between the two playing fields runs out (it starts out full but then empties going up; when the top section is empty balloons will rise up).

There are three types of balloons:

Tip: Here's a little cheat that helps you avoid getting gray balloons. When the gray balloons begin to rise onto your playing field, quickly call Tuxedo Kamen or pop a series of more than three balloons. Doing anything that pauses the ascent of the balloons causes them to float away. This is particularly helpful when you don't want to deal with a large amount of gray balloons or colored ones.

He's not just a referee, Tuxedo Kamen can help you a lot in the game if you call him. He takes away five pellets from your power meter in exchange for destroying the top horizontal row of balloons on your playing field. You can only do this if you have yellow pellets in your power meter- red only is not sufficient. If your power meter is full, you cannot call him either.

Each time you pop a colored balloon, it's added to the number at the top. Each time you pop two colored balloons (or two series of colored balloons, whichever), you get a little ball in your power meter to the side of the playing field. Each time you pop a gray balloon, your power meter goes down by however many gray balloons you popped. When your power meter fills up, you can use your special attack (explained below). After certain numbers on the tally of colored balloons popped (the number on the top of the field), the ceiling on the opponent's field drops one level. Thus, it's in your best interest to pop a lot of balloons before your opponent gets too far ahead of you and screws you over by dropping your ceiling low. The top row of your playing field will flash red when it's about to drop down, so be prepared.

Tip: Sometimes you can win quicker by just popping a lot of balloons so that the ceiling falls down on your opponent before it does on you. This usually only works on the early stages; trying it on the Outer Senshi can be extremely difficult.

If your power meter falls to zero, you detransform into your normal form (non-senshi form). This sucks since you can only throw little pebbles at the balloons. You cannot pop balloons in series. To transform back into your senshi state, you need to get five pellets in your power meter. After you do that, you automatically retransform (yay).

Certain items fall down from popped balloons, both good and bad. Here are the ones I've seen:

Senshi Attacks

You can use your specific senshi attack only when your power meter is full. You decide when to use them; when you do, press the same button you use to call Tuxedo Kamen.

That's basically it, you're ready to play. Fortunately you have unlimited continues in the game, so if you lose at first, just keep trying until you either win or get bored or frustrated. To continue, move the senshi to the left hand side and have her pop the balloon. To end the game, either wait for the clock to reach zero or go to the right and pop that balloon.

In the Story Mode, it really doesn't matter which arrow you follow when prompted. Whichever way you go you'll end up in an area with two senshi; you choose which one you want to fight first. You must fight all the Inner Senshi before moving onto the Outers. The Outers are more difficult to fight because of their annoying attacks and their speed. For me, Uranus was the most difficult but some of my friends said they had no problem with her. X.x I lost to her about 15 times before finally beating her with Chibimoon. Yay Chibimoon.