The history of Palmisty originated in India, and later moved on to China, Egypt, and ancient Greece, gathering many different variations. In a book named "Physiognomy & Palmistry", Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician, traces the history of palmistry back to 497 B.C. The right palm is normally used for line-readings.

The Basic Hand Type
The skin on the back of my hand is:
smooth and silky
firm and healthy
weather-beaten and worn

My fingers are:
smooth knobby

My fingernails are:
broad and large

The Life Line
The Life line begins between the thumb and the index finger and encircles the mound at the base of the thumb downward to the wrist. It governs a person's life span and health state
My Life Line:
is thin
is thick
is clear and deep
is smooth and unbroken
has a split end
has lines jutting upwards out of it
is straight
has a narrow curve(falls towards the thumb)
has a wide curve
has a mass of short lines at the end of it
divides into a 3-pronged tripod

The Head Line
The Head Line slants horizontally across the palm and is above the Life Line. It represents a person's emotional attitude, personality, and intuitive ability.
My Head Line:
is short
is long
is so long it crosses the entire palm
is wavy and twisted
is straight and narrow
is much straighter than average
is free from obstruction
has wrinkles criss-crossing it

The Head Line-Life Line Connection
Look carefully at how the Life Line and the Head Line interact with each other.
These two lines:
They touch
They are tied together for some distance
There is a large gap between them
The distance between them wavers

The Heart Line
The Heart Line runs slant towards the middle and index finger. It is an important line which governs emotion, romance, marriage.
My Heart Line:
starts higher than average
stars lower than average
ends under my pointer finger
ends between my middle and pointer fingers
ends under my middle finger
is long
is short
is deep red in color
is very pale
has a split end pointing upwards
has a split end pointing downwards
merges with the Head Line
I have two Heart Lines
has breaks in one or more places
has no defects(perfect)
is wavy

The Destiny Line
The Destiny Line lies in the center of the palm and stretches up towards the middle finger. Not everyone has this line. It predicts the hardships of life that fate will bring you.
My Destiny Line:
is clear and bold
is thin and vague
points up to my middle finger
is wavy and irregular
forms a triangle with another line
curves and merges with another line
merges with the Heart Line
is higher than usual
is lower than usual
It's important to remember that while your life's destiny is spelled put across your palm, nothing is set in stone. Always try to take control of your best abilities and your personal strengths to get as much out of your life as you possibly can.

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